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its more like a jerking and it feels like its slower than normal
Brand new coils, plugs, wires.
I have 3 codes coming up but don't think there all bad, wanted to see who can help me. p0330 knock sensor 2 circuit bank 2, p1135 a/f sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 1, p0770 shift solenoid e. car star...
changed seals, took it to local mechanic, no one knows why, vehicle runs great, doesn't shake, wheels wear fine, just leaks too much fluid
the key remote and the dash clock and the garage remote go out we changed the fuse a couple times and in two weeks its not working again.
When I plug in my scanner tool to my solara it shows me that the idle rpm is at 780 where it should be, but on my dashboard it is showing my that the rpm is at 1150. Does anybody know why or how that is happening?
the head broke off on my the part where you adjust the bolt for tension
there is pressure in the clutch it just will not move whats wrong
It will stop when I turn the a/c off! It sounds like a belt but not sure
took the car to Aamco for diagnostic and they said is was a leak in the cooling line... they fixed it and when I drove it away the light came back on less than a mile from them. They then proceeded to tell me the code...