This happen about a year ago and Toyota said, both were out and I took to another repair place and they said; one was out, but both quoted me about same price. So I had them to reset and keep on dsriving no repair done at time, now over year later it's on again and Toyota said; only 1 needs replacing. What should I do? I'm 60 and single and and don't know what to do but need Van because I can't afford payments on another car. I'm on disability

Toyota says they're cracked

My wife drives our 2006 Toyota Sienna. The DRIVERS SEAT has literally fallen off its mounting.

She has found a use for those thick phone books delivered by TPC and has placed a brick & phone book under her seat to hold it in place.

This is, at best a temp fix.

What is the best low cost fix?

Does the seat need to be replaced or can it all be repaired?

Any other thoughts?

The car has a 1800 V-6 engine in it.
Thank you for your answer

hesitates/jerks at fast acceleration. Would like a general cost for repairs please

Dealer claims there is a leak (I've never noticed any) and wants $1275 to do the work.

I am able to operate the door manually with no obstruction or resistance.

oil pressure light comes on after driving for a while and there is a noise in the motor when light comes on.

At what point, if any, will Toyota acknowledge that the "spider cracks" in the dashboards are not just the fault of sun, but a manufacturer's defect? How many cases must occur?
When does government get involved? Thanks.

when closing the electric door you first have to turn the key on then put the car in drive now the door automatically closes, how can I fix it, this just started to happen.

Yesterday I had the drive belts, timing belt, and water pump replaced, plus oil change and alignment. They called and said the motor mount snapped during the process and it would be another $80. All the work was done at the Toyota service dept. When I picked up my van, the front dash was cracked on the passenger side and on either side of the glove box all the way across. There is also a crack on the drivers side from the radio to the gauges. The service manager said it's impossible due to the work I had done. I believe the tech was negligent causing the motor mount to snap and the dash to crack. Less than 80,000 miles and totally garaged, well kept vehicle that I planned to trade when the 2015 Highlander is out. The Sienna value has depreciated because of this and it absolutely wasn't that way when I left it yesterday. Now I'm afraid the air bags will deploy unexpectedly.