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hesitates/jerks at fast acceleration. Would like a general cost for repairs please
Dealer claims there is a leak (I've never noticed any) and wants $1275 to do the work.
I am able to operate the door manually with no obstruction or resistance.
oil pressure light comes on after driving for a while and there is a noise in the motor when light comes on.
At what point, if any, will Toyota acknowledge that the "spider cracks" in the dashboards are not just the fault of sun, but a manufacturer's defect? How many cases must occur? When does government get involved? Thanks.
when closing the electric door you first have to turn the key on then put the car in drive now the door automatically closes, how can I fix it, this just started to happen.
Yesterday I had the drive belts, timing belt, and water pump replaced, plus oil change and alignment. They called and said the motor mount snapped during the process and it would be another $80. All the work was don...
having water pump,timing belt replaced. tech snapped off two bolts and shop says it took them two hours to get them out
how to replace it
manual states that airbags may not deploy as a result -how can this be fixed ?