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The brakes are very soft. Have to push down far on pedal to stop. New pads were put on. 3 mechanics have checked i t- all say it is good. But, it still feels soft - pushing down too far to stop. Feels like the br...
siena 2011 69000 mi toyota service center I call they can not support it is no warent. check fee is $280. fix fee is $2400 it is wandering I did buy for siena is stable car. I can i do.
Was quoted 280$ for new ignition switch. Bought an OE switch and key from parts store. Car won't start. Was told the key needed to be relearned?
is there a relay or fuse somewhere?
Two motors and adjusters are working. Up and down, and the backrest will go forward and backwards. The motor sounds like it's just spinning or grinding? Feels like the right side rail may be jammed by lose change or ...
Mechanic says 02 sensor needs to replaced. How many 02 sensors are there in Toyota Sienna 2009 And what are the possibly that could be the problems? It has 97k miles on it. The codes that I found out was: Po102...
It is manual. Just happened out of no where. It only has 135,000 miles. I noticed other vans reported this problem with this year. I just had my car at the Whittier, CA Dealership. So far no answer, help!
hesitates/jerks at fast acceleration. Would like a general cost for repairs please
I removed the Bank 1 & 2 sensor and it was black. Sensor 3 is clean. Twice over the last 6 months I have a foul order. I'm guessing the Cat may be bad, but how can I be sure?
The button that opens the fuel door when the release is pulled is so tense, you can hardly push it in. It broke the hinge on my fuel door and the door won't close properly. How do you adjust it so it's not as tense?
As an interim measure, dealers will remove the spare tire and store it in the cargo area of the vehicle. Dealers will replace the spare tire carrier assembly when parts become available. It seams that Toyota is not fo...
I discover that when ever I start my toyota sienna 2002 model and drive it will stop as I match the brake
Dealer claims there is a leak (I've never noticed any) and wants $1275 to do the work.
2005 Sienna XLE sliding driver's door opens with both overhead electric switch and the column electric switch but they won't close it so I have to close the door manually.
I changed bulbs in tail lights my dash doesn't say anything is wrong.the fuses look good all other lights work fine what to do to get tail lights working again
I am able to operate the door manually with no obstruction or resistance.
oil pressure light comes on after driving for a while and there is a noise in the motor when light comes on.
Can't get to them through the access door panel. No screws visible on the lens. Anybody have a clue?
While in Drive heading around corner, total loss of power like transmission went but after parking for 2 hours, the car drove again and shifted well. It has been acting sluggish after stopping. When the car would no...
The repair was authorized by TOYOTA in Dec 2014 or Jan2015