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Two motors and adjusters are working. Up and down, and the backrest will go forward and backwards. The motor sounds like it's just spinning or grinding? Feels like the right side rail may be jammed by lose change or ...
It is manual. Just happened out of no where. It only has 135,000 miles. I noticed other vans reported this problem with this year. I just had my car at the Whittier, CA Dealership. So far no answer, help!
As an interim measure, dealers will remove the spare tire and store it in the cargo area of the vehicle. Dealers will replace the spare tire carrier assembly when parts become available. It seams that Toyota is not fo...
The was washed and on the second day the door could not be opened by any button except manually.
we were told it needs a new computer board...will this fix the problem and the price is 1300.00 to fix it the van has 186000 miles.Is it worth fixing and can the cause of the van stalling be the computer? Is it common...
Its fine in park and neutral BUT HAS A VIBRATION IN DRIVE AND REVERSE wasn't there before.
I know there are four lights on the rear, only two are working (the brakes) which are located on the side of the body, but the two located on the door are not working, pls. let me know how to replace the bulbs
It drove fine yesterday but today it started having trouble going up hills and eventually quit moving forward. Checked the transmission fluid and it is ok.
My passenger side electric door won't open using the button up front, on the side panel or with the key fob. It will open and close manually from the outside and closes manually from the inside (but won't open from th...
The sienna costumes alot of gasoline
How do I open the door to remove the door to cut the cable so I can use thew door manually
anyone try this or know if it will work, Toyota highlander engine to Toyota sienna. Any aider please