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Check engine is on with TRAC OFF and VSC. I checked with OBD-II. It showed P0136 refer to Bank 1 Sensor 2. But at the same time I see voltage only on B1S2. Other o2 sensors without any voltage. What can you suggest? I replaced B2S1 front upstream, but no voltage through OBD-II.

I had a Prius it was difficult to repair and expensive. I had to take it to the dealership just to have the oil changed due to it being a hybrid.
Now I am looking at a buying a Sienna. Are they difficult to repair? Could I do basic repairs?

After non-use for a while it will cool again. New condenser and Freon.

is there a relay or fuse somewhere?

It passed the fuel cap test.

It is a light colored oil

Sometimes when I put my key in I have to jiggle it around for minutes and then suddenly it allows me to turn the key and start the car.

_ diagnostic code PO758
_ the transmision shifting is not smooth.

I bought Toyota Sienna 2003 XLE which was transferred from 1st dealer to 3rd dealer then the 3rd dealer claimed the current odometer is reading 100,420 mileage which actually display on the dashboard unfortunately I was searching for something else 2 weeks later after the car was bought. I found 2 reassignment dealer titles stated that odometer are 184,787 and 185,126 mileage with the same VIN number written on the documents respectively from the 1st and 2nd dealers. Can someone tell me if odometer was rollback or what?

I need inspection cert and after visiting auto center they mention Obd 2 analyzer did not communicate during diagnostic test. i recently got check engine fixed for o2 sensors.

We only received one key when we got the van from a dealer. I guess we should have pressed them for a spare. They wanted over $100 for a new key.

I am quite disgruntled about the entire thing. How does making a smarter key help me with security?

Can sometimes get to start if press the gas. Once running, seems fine

The AC starts well but after driving for about 15 minutes the ac light starts flashing and ac blows hot air.also the ac belt squeals.

I intend to buy genuine toyota part and have them replace it. Any shop willing to do that.