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Was quoted 280$ for new ignition switch. Bought an OE switch and key from parts store. Car won't start. Was told the key needed to be relearned?
Sludge buildup has caused the engine to overuse oil, and now a valve is bad, so it can't pass inspection again. The van is in otherwise fine shape. If I try to sell it, I'd like to know what is a reasonable price to a...
2000 Sienna bought new 134k miles. Never used oil until last oil change then had to add 2 quarts of oil 2 times. No evidence of leakage. What's going on?
Am in Nigeria and want a reliable mechanic
there is nothing wrong with my car - I just haven't had a tune up since I've had it. what should be done in a tune up
I made a quick stop to the store and now the car will not start. If I let it sit for awhile the car will start. The weather is hot (over 100 degrees).
trying to find location of igniter (ignition control module)
I would like to replace my cabin filter but I couldn't find it. I already opened the front passenger's cover but it wasn't there. I wonder may be not the same with the other Toyota model?
When the van sits over night, the first time you apply the brakes there is a noise and a cycling vibration in the brake system. What could be the problem?
need to change the valve cover gaskets
stearing wheel shakes all the time