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Mechanic says 02 sensor needs to replaced. How many 02 sensors are there in Toyota Sienna 2009 And what are the possibly that could be the problems? It has 97k miles on it. The codes that I found out was: Po102...
need to replace the rear seats in my van
I have to put a blow drier to the engine for an hour before it starts, it's like it can't take the cold
Engine doesn't sound any different, nothing different about my van, just the light came on. Oil was very very low, added oil, cleaned air filter, but light is still on? Can I reset the light by pulling the fuse out a...
The EVAP code 440 was returned. Did a smoke test and found a plastic valve on top of the gas tank is leaking. Very hard to get to and because of the age and rust this is going to be a bigger job than it should. Can...
I bought the car from a nissan dealership in oklahoma last saturday 06-01-13, the car died on the highway on my way home, towed the car to a mechanic who said the engine was no good, that it knocked. Now the car start...
this is constant without the lights being turned on. my brake lights do however work correctly.
The van is coding out with no spark or power to the fuel pump.
It is stuck in the full up position. moved smoothly then just one time stayed in that position.
Inserted key to start the van and a slight crack was heard. Key now rotates as normal but with less resistance and motor will not crank, transmission lever cannot be moved, and the steering wheel will not turn.
Where is the electric window control module located and how do you get to it?
I can open the window without any problem, but when I go to close thewindow it starts up then stops. After a while I try again and it starts up but stops agsin. I must wait several minutes between each try.