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I nedd the third row seat
Car was in a accident, hit in the rt. front wheel. We replaced the knee assy. and speed sensor, checked all fuses and master cyl. is full all other lights are working properly.
The Check Engine light stays on while the Auto LSD light flashes. Dealership scanned for codes and got P043E, P043F, P2401, and P2419. They suggest replacement of Evap Cannister and Fuel Tank. for a total of $2040.00 ...
Could there be something wrong with the alternator? Also when I brake it makes a mechanical grinding sound not a squeak coming from my front brakes. It only makes this sound when I first start driving.
only 34860 miles driven.Is this a wear and tear item or may be faulty. I am out luck for warranty coverage. Warranty expired 8months ago.
I have taken is off to adjust it. I have also taken it to the dealer. They say it is nothing they can do. I am afraid that it will fly off and cause an accident or damage someones car.
I bought new 2011 RAV4 6 months back and current milege is 5000 miles. When I switch on headlights, then dashboard lights are going off and I can't see anything in the dashboard. If I turn off headlights, I can see d...
2700 mi on my 2011 RAV4 I've had for 6 wks & wheel wells somewhat packed w/ ice from wkend hwy slush, even after being in attached garage for 24+ hrs. Pulled onto interstate & steering wheel began shimmeying like out...
whene i lock the doors from inside and the engine is running and door is closed and it wont unlock