My car stalled and would not restart because timing belt broke. Is my engine is damaged?

Manual transmission

Sometimes I can't move the gearshaft into 2nd, and it feels like a piece of rubber is blocking it. Sometimes it's other gears, although it still goes into gear. Sometimes it goes right in with a "chunk."

This problem just started. It acts as if the battery or alternator is the problem. A friend hooked up his OBD and no codes. He Also used voltage meter on battery and alternator and said both are good. What else would be the problem?

it just happened was working fine i had a transmission pan gasket repaired and 4x light and car went in and out or on and off fine . until it stopped and these two lughts came on

it happens every time i drive without Ac

CD stopped working. I have new unit. What do I do to replace the old one?

The car starts, and idles, will drive at idle speed. No fuel disruptions, bad timing, misses nothing. But will not move any faster when pressing on gas. All the way to

how about the Toyota tire pressure

Disconnected battery cables and clean with cable brush. Reconnected cables and started vehicle and idle dropped.

what could the promblam

256000 miles

I like to perform my own maintenance and repairs but need accurate information to do this.

Engine light code P1130 .

Dash light does not work when night headlights are on. Will light up momentarilly when starting. Gas gage stays on empty even when full. Out of gas symbol stays on all the time when vehicle is running.

Brake lights are staying on after I turn off car.

Especially happens when wet out. Doesn't happen most of the time. But quite often.

Any ideas?

I there a way to increase the contrast on the camera?

I would like to know how to get my two back seats out. They are suppose to come out without any screw drivers or any other tool.

Stalls any time after driving 20 minutes. Car restarts from 5 minutes to an hour after sitting. Distributor, coil, fuel pump recently replaced. Runs well while running

Also whAt dose the ECT switch do?

The engine won't not cranking. The dash board shows all the symbols but it won't crank

cleared the code 2 times and put some injector cleaner in tank of gas and now its mis firing rough idle and more gas usage

this suv has a 2gr-fe engine. is the 2gr-fSe a better choice in a suv. what is the diference between the two in reliability? thank you,
Joan and Larry

When this happened it gave me a code of p0420 the cadilac converter. took to the dealer for the reprogramming of engine recall. Now my transmission has started slipping! Not all the time, sometimes won't switch gears or I may be driving and it s like it down shifts and jerks into gear. Please help I don't won't to be out of the money I just paid for it in May.

what do I do-certified vehicle transmission replaced for same problem 5,000 miles earlier with REM trans. It was good until 100 miles ago. Warranty runs out soon. Thanks

Charged air several times with dye no one can find leak where could leak be still no air

After I turn off my engine it makes cling cling like loud chime like I forgot my keys in the car or something? ? I have limited with push start. So any idea on why does it makes noice?

door locks, ac, radio, only working is interior lights and head lights

After changing both front wheel bearings brand-new rotors on the front ,rotors shaved in the back and brand-new brake pads all around my car started to feel like the tire was going to come off a wobble if you will or like a knot in the tire but there's not you couldn't feel it in the steering wheel but now you canslightly feel it in the wheel and I can feel the wobble in my butt and my feet. It also feels like in my feet something is rubbing are grinding or hitting something underneath the car. I got up underneath there and discovered I need to change the swaybar because the boot was busted I changed it other than that the CVC shaft has a dent in it were metal was pulled back and it's pretty deep deep. Discovered I need to change the swaybar because the boot was busted I changed it other than that the CVC shaft has a dent in it were metal was killed back and it's pretty deep deep

My Sunroof is stuck open. Any ideas on how to get it closed.