2010 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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CD stopped working. I have new unit. What do I do to replace the old one?

Dash light does not work when night headlights are on. Will light up momentarilly when starting. Gas gage stays on empty even when full. Out of gas symbol stays on all the time when vehicle is running.

Do you know any reasonable places that do that type of repair work?

Charcoal canister seems to be culprit. Estimated cost and difficulty of replacement please

Vehicle does not exhibit any problems since these instrument panel lights came on.

The CHECK & 4WD lights continue to show while engine is running. A scan displayed the code P0793 with the information "Intrermediate Shaft Speed Censor No Signal." please how do I solve this problem? Is the vehicle in danger?

When driving above 50-55mph, I get a vibration in the driver's seat. This has gone on for some time and I have had the tires balanced, rotated and a mechanic has driven the car. I also had a recall done and the rear suspension bars were replaced and "epoxied" into a permanent state, per the recall. The car was to be aligned, per the recall also. Upon arriving to the dealership this last time, they did a "welcome" alignment printout. It showed the front in alignment and the rear out of alignment--after the recall was completed on the rear suspension. At the end of the day, they said they rotated the right rear tire on the rim and it was fine. I drove the car on the freeway the next day and it was not OK. It was a Friday and I decided to take the car in to them on Monday. Well, then I was driving on the freeway on Saturday and was going around 55MPH. All of a sudden the car started pulsating like going over rumble strips. Had the car towed, they drove it 3 times until they could repeat the problem. They then replaced the 2 rear tires. They did NOT indicate on the service report why they replaced the tires. They had to call the service manager who said it was the belts in the tires. I drove the car after the tire replacements and it still does it. So, I'm trying to understand if a poor rear alignment can cause the driver's seat to vibrate and if a bad rear alignment can cause bearings to get out of wack and could cause the shaking that sounded like rumble strips. I have to have a discussion with the service manager and/or owner and need education to have this problem corrected. Any sharing of knowledge would help or point me to a website that could help me out.

At what miles does the timing belt need to be replaced? The owner's manual does not indicate when the belt should be replaced.

My Rav4 is due for the 30,000 mile service and maintenance. I'm trying to cut down on the inflated costs I'll incur by taking it to Toyota dealership. For example, I know the cabin filter is due for swap-out and this costs $40 thru the dealer, but I can get it for $15 at most parts stores, and I can easily install it. How many other items are on the checklist for 30K service that I could do myself?
Thanks for any help!

After reaching so many miles, the check engine light comes on. How can I turn it off myself without having to go to the dealer and spending money that is not necessary