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When driving above 50-55mph, I get a vibration in the driver's seat. This has gone on for some time and I have had the tires balanced, rotated and a mechanic has driven the car. I also had a recall done and the rear s...
At what miles does the timing belt need to be replaced? The owner's manual does not indicate when the belt should be replaced.
My Rav4 is due for the 30,000 mile service and maintenance. I'm trying to cut down on the inflated costs I'll incur by taking it to Toyota dealership. For example, I know the cabin filter is due for swap-out and thi...
After reaching so many miles, the check engine light comes on. How can I turn it off myself without having to go to the dealer and spending money that is not necessary
Goes down about 2 inches and then it starts to lean away from the side of the door. I won't put it down any further than this.
Looking for a web site to but fog lamps that bolt into my Rav4. Do not want to but them from a dealer.