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My fan only works on the highest setting then stops
On one site I read that Toyota covered this repair even though beyond warranty. Is this possible? Another site said 2008 rav 4 doesn't have viscous coupling rather has electro magnetic something or other..?
cost to repair water pump
After driving in a while I feel hot air blow around my legs in the driver's seat coupled with a smell of oil
Pushed the brake pedal that thumped and pulsed and did not hold the car. Out of 4WD it did not do this....
My car millage is only 28500. my dealer tech said it was near time to change the drive belt.
slightly low. He said I needed to replace the water pump. Is this necessary at this time? No drips under car or noise.
The dial seemed to have some sort of short. I could get very little air out of controls 1-3 but 4 seemed to work fine. It suddenly stopped working yesterday. I thought I may have smelled a rubber burning smell. Co...
Check engine light came on. P2401 p2402 p2419 p043e p043f