The car starts, and idles, will drive at idle speed. No fuel disruptions, bad timing, misses nothing. But will not move any faster when pressing on gas. All the way to

door locks, ac, radio, only working is interior lights and head lights

May high beams work but my headlights don't. I checked the fuses but I'm a little confused.

is this a fair price and should the strut and swaybar be changed in pairs ?

It's difficult for it to rev. Why?

The shop used Dexron3, along with an additive, which they said would make it the equivalent of Toyota ATF4. Within a few days, I had trouble shifting gears and ended up needing a transmission rebuild. The oil express shop stated that although the wrong transmission fluid was used, they put the additive in which would have prevented any problems from occurring.

Check engine light came on car started going slow then jerking, Toyota stated that it was the Transmission Solenoid Shift. Some say it is the Electrical some say they have to fix the piece in transmission please help

I'm told that this would entail removal of the dash board because the "s" shaped tube is very difficult to re-insert. Currently it is draining onto the passenger side floor. A/C is working fine. Drainage is the only problem.

Took vehicle to dealer who took it to garage and they send the check engine light is the Oxygen Sensor, they disengaged the lights. Are these 2 lights connected, they come on together. Thank you.