When this happened it gave me a code of p0420 the cadilac converter. took to the dealer for the reprogramming of engine recall. Now my transmission has started slipping! Not all the time, sometimes won't switch gears or I may be driving and it s like it down shifts and jerks into gear. Please help I don't won't to be out of the money I just paid for it in May.

I have a 2002 Toyota Rav4 2WD. manual trans. Recently changing gear has gotten stiff and sometimes the clutch pedal sticks to floor and gradually happening more often (happens more on warmer days). I was told it has to do with the master cylinder? assuming thats the case what would it cost to fix this problem?
thank you

engine light on water going out muffler

What is approximate cost of valve clearance adjustment

When it first started the headlights would stay stuck on the on position even when it I turn it off...and then it progressed...

Now it turns on on it's own, while I am driving or while it is parked (and it is in the off position - with and without key in ignition). There is nothing I can do to turn it off while inside of the car.

I have had the headlamp relay replaced and the problem still persists.
While the headlights were on, I unplugged the headlight switch and it was still on. Then I pulled out the relay and it finally turned off.

2 years ago, I have had the ECU replaced by Longo Toyota.

I went to Autozone, car was put on computer the codes that came out are PO161,PO441,PO440 and PO446?

You can then restart the engine, but you lose control until you get car to side of road. Have already replace o2 sensors, and mechanic can't figure it out. Help, please! Thanks.

all wheel drive 2.0 liter

Has there been a recall? Is this normal?

the wires on it were cut by probably rat i got another connector and the wires are in different codes.... assist me on how i can connect them... wiring diagram

When I drive the car jumps, also when I reverse it makes a clunking sound.