just bought this rav4 and was driving home over mtn pass.did very well! halfway home the lights started this .. only every 10 minutes or longer between dimming.

The light is above the hood release, on the left side of the steering wheel. The book sez it is the lock release. Why is it staying on? And how do I get it off?

Please help

runs for about 2-3min till it warms up then it only runs for 15seconds

runs for 2 or 3 min when it is warmed up it shut down then its

Main Bearing or seal. What is the approximate cost to replace

when pressing the gas to take off, the engine rise higher then normal,the RPM goes up pass 4 and the car takes a while before it pick up the right speed to change gears. once the car is at idle speed, the rpm occasionally rise up to 4 and then drop to normal driving range for that speed.

When should I have it replaced again

linkage on side of carb is free. no sticking, moves easy by hand. i think it is in the box on driver side of car.sticks all the time from standing start. where do i go from here

Recently replaced radiator, water pump, therostat and radiator cap. Loosing approx half a litre of water after driving for approx an hour. Temp guage fluctuates after half an hour of driving. Tested, does not have cracked head or leaking gasket. Any ideas what is causign this

I got overheat due to the cooller was dirty with mud we have been increassing water all the time, so we drive a car on the safe place for 100 km due to the night time,and on next day we put water also tried to change a breech gasket but on sump inferior we found oil mixed with water.
Started and the engine run for 10 min without problem,checked oil again still have water(just tried start). so my question what happen and what can i do? may be the breech is damaged or all of the engine must be changed.
Thanks a lot and regards,

Will a 1996 Toyota Camry Starter work in a 2000 Rav4? Is it long enough?
The Beginning...
I was told I needed a starter. Took it to the repair shop only to have the manager steal it and abandon vehicle elsewhere.
The starter was replaced with a used 1996 Toyota Camry Starter. The original starter was tested and they said it was fine but the solenoid bad. Then replaced a relay fuse(?)Now my concern is that he totally ruined my car engine or who knows what.The fuse cover was off for what reason I have no clue. Other than that my passenger window wont repond either.
It clicks and started twice but now nothing. The battery has already been tested too.
Any idea what else to look for?