1999 Toyota RAV4 Questions

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My rear window washer won't spray washer on the window. I have had it repaired twice, but it almost immediatly stops working again. This has been a problem since my original purchase of the new auto in 1999.

How can I repair my loose rearview mirror?

I have been trying to start my car since Saturday and it just wont turn on. It makes a effort to start but it turns right back off. The radio and light turn on. We tried giving the car a jump but that didn't work either. I don't know what to do next.

timing belt broke how do i determine tdc compression stroke

I bled the system, but it still does it.

i need to have a wheel alignment, what would the cost be, and could you recommend a repair shop.

hole in muffler area was plugged. Was told need to replace all catalytic converter area by February 2011.

Can I use Prestone power steering fluid or just Dexron?

can not go over 60mph with out car thermostate running hot then drops to cold

could you tell or show me the timing marks on the camshaft and crankshaft so that i can install my timing belt.

I've got a p0402 code reading. I'd like to know where the egr valve is located. Thanks

Check engine light came on a couple weeks ago. No performance problems or weird noises (yes, I turned down the stereo). All of a sudden, I have started smelling gasoline at start up and get about 80 miles less on a tank! EGR Flow code (bretb, it was the P401 or whatever you posted the link for--maybe I have 2 problems?) came up on the diagnostic computer, but none of what I have seen on line says this would coincide with a fuel economy problem. Any ideas? It starts and runs well, heat works well. Plenty of power. Not sure what is up. Thanks!

Autotechpat & bretb thank you guys for your feed back, the teeth did not break off but they do have some marking where it must of rubbed on something closest to it would be the spring bracket close to the tensioner.

The mechanic wants me to exercise the manufactures warranty as he knows I have bought the Kit from online. He did mention who is going to pay for it. The car was working ok prior changing the kit although it was due for a change, ticking noise and mileage.

Should the mechanic re-align the existing 2 months old belt or should I purchase another one? So far it has cost me $600 and the car is still off the road. How could I tell the mechanic it is his fault when I’m not qualified to make such a judgement or should I get another mechanic involved for confirmation?

What do you think?


I have sourced following OEM parts from at $150
Model :3SFE
Timing belt TB138
Timing belt tensioner bearing 1350574011A
Timing belt Idler roller bearing 1350363011A
Front crankshaft seal 9008031022
Front camshaft seal 9031138046A
Water pump & gaskets
I had professional mobile mechanic fitted these parts at a cost of $450 after 2 months the car would not start. My wife called NRMA thinking it would be soothing simple. They put it down to Timing Belt. Called the mobile mechanic back and asked him to check it out. Sure enough timing belt was of the mark by 3 or 4 teeth.

The issue I have is that the mechanic is blaming the belt as he has done everything by the book and the supplier is saying it’s possible that the mechanic did not have enough tension on the tensioner.

Could anyone advise if it could be the belt? I did read somewhere that timing belts do not stretch.

Thank you

4dr 4wd 1999 Rav4, 136K miles, has been trouble-free for 6+ years. Cold start, fired right up, idling for 30-40 seconds, engine stalled & will not re-start. All fuses are OK and the plugs are firing - must be fuel supply. Is there an inline fuse or filter?