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Also, will I absolutely need to replace engine mounts as a part of this repair? How much should I expect to pay for this?
It appears that I need a heater core replacement. The description of the symptoms are spot on for my car. Toyota has quoted me about $2,000. My car is 19 year old, but I can't afford to replace it, yet. Any usef...
Tail light fuse blows when I turn on headlights, no running tail lights.
hello again!!! anyway, every year for the last 3 years my rav would startup while boosting the battery.this is the first time the rav would not start;engine would crank not start.my rav was towed to my bro-in-laws me...
The ac is a little cool after two small cans recharge when I start engine push button engine revs high then low high then low, do i need mor of that r24 what to do or check? I
Van change gears from under hood is it my push pull cables how do i know it is my cables. The other day I was able to pit it into gear going I'm neutral then clutch shift in gear. No one seems to know the answer.
Problem is permeant it doesn't matter if you rev it or idle it won't go above 4,000rpm but it won't run any longer than 20-30 sec ... New fresh fuel added spark plugs added .. ... Spark present ... Again ideas guys ?
has occurred 3 times in 1 month. RAV4 with 73,000 mi. garaged dealership service dept. unable to diagnose
Does the 96 toyota rav 4 have a timing belt or chain