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per the dealership car is leaking oil. suggested service is to replace timing cover seal. what would the avg cost to do suggested work cost?
Recently, 2010 Toyota Pruis just shut down - Orginally told the Purge Vacuum Switching Valve needed to be replaced along with updating ECU Software. Then was told the Fuel Sender & Gasket need to be replaced. This bot...
THE STARTER BATTERY CHECKS GOOD and fob battery checks good.
I have a recall on my 2010 prius INTELLIGENT POWER MODULE OR IPM can't locate it can I fix it?
the bottom panel came off when the car went over a curb it got robbed off by the cement and came off the bottom of the car I am afraid this might damage the engine especially during the winter with the salted street
should this be covered by warranty if within 36 months and three years?
Car was serviced and a few days later, part of the bottom pan broke off "very cleanly". Looks like it was cut. My brother, a mechanic, says it probably was to allow easier access for oil changes. Toyota repaired it ...
Cost at body shop to repair a dented deflector-rocker panel LT. Also cost to replace with new, paint and instal same