Front washers work

It's been very rainy for the past week.

Turn on blinker and both sides flash left and right but on side is brighter then the other

I had a fender bender and the tank came off. It was white plastic and seemed to have clear fluid in it. My local Toyota dealer said the car was "fine" after checking it for 2 days and never noticed it was missing...

This was recommended by the dealership for a cost of $390

so dash gauges dont light up when car starts and car wont turn off. it will still drive but no speed gas levels or warning lights. after I reset the whole thing then it works fine for a while.

right side dash - orange pix "malfunction indicator lamp" also "brake system warning light" in orange. Pls help!
Dealers $$$$ Thank You

Brought car in for coolant dashboard light warning. Toyota dealer diagnosed "Radiator leaking from upper outlet hose. Radiator will need to be replaced." Does the whole radiator need to be replaced or possibly just the upper hose? Seems like the cost difference could be +/- $200.

i have an oil leak, but it is leaking somewhere inside the engine: ie: it's not on the ground. my mechanic thinks this will be too expensive to fix, and that i should probably just turn it in and get another. a friend told me she'd heard that this is a common problem with Prius at 100K. i have 164K. what is the best course of action? it seems it will cost $$ just to find out what is wrong.

I have a headlight out and am trying to replace it myself instead of taking it somewhere.

There is a red/orange underlined exclamation point light on on my dashboard.

The area under drivers feet is moderately wet after long drive. Could it be related to a/c condensations?

I have a Prius 2007 that is not working right now. After changing the battery twice, the water pump, the inverter and the ecu. And the car is still not working. My mechanic which works for Toyota doesn't know what else to do and we already have spent too much money on this car. What else could be?, the computer to troubleshoot doesn't show any more signs, it's says that everything is fine. But the car keeps on getting some weirds lights on and not working.

What could cause the left head light to come on and off and the right headlight to flicker?

My inverter cooling pump failed with a open circuit. The car has 190,000 miles. I am not sure if it has been changed before. I have changed the pump and want to check the fuse. Thanks!

Was burning so they turn car off and won't start

I did thid but radio and a/c stayed on. Won't this kill the battery?

Sucked the water out and two days later there was more! Anyone else have this problem?

no display of speed,fuel nor shift indicator on the dash,it just wont light up

if you could give me the cost in Richmond area in Virginia,USA .please

The engine coolant and the inverter coolant are two different systems on the Prius. Isn't there some savings when doing both together?

What is the life expectancy of the battery? What types of repairs are common for a vehicle this age with >133,000 miles.