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car was running fine. just came back from check over and maintainance at toyota When the break is pressed and you press the power button the engine makes a humming sound then the chen engine light comes on. can Itro...
prius 2007. nhw20. yellow bar gtaph for fuel consumption is not appearing. i drive it for 2 hours without stop and it is still blank
Low frequency growl has become louder in the last year. Initially I had assumed this was a failing wheel bearing.Service mechanics however tell me the "gearbox differential" has a faulty bearing. Nobody on the planet ...
I hit a curb and set off the steering wheel and dashboard airbags. Whit is the labor rate to replace the air bags and front seat belts.
Idiot light on stating either need fluid or battery. states to park car on flat surface and apply parking break.
Had a costly replacement of auxiliary water pump and ambient temperature sensor. But Check Engine light keeps coming on.
2007 Toyota Prius gas Guage not working and after filling the tank full, and setting the trip odometer back to zero, the car ran out of gas at 230 miles. Typically full tank of gas allows this Prius to run around 35...
If the fuse doesn't work could it simply need a fuse? Where is the fuse box anyway?
Also a car with exclamatiin and a p lock message. The car wont even go in neutral
The hybrid battery in my 2007 Prius had two bad cells after replacing the bad cells with a new cells and balancing the battery as a whole and replacing the battery back into the car the car ran for approximately 20 mi...
Both power outlets quit working, looked in manual but it does not show which relay is for the outlets.
Have the new belt but can't afford to paid 90 dollars to have it put on.
Cannot use either of the outlets and owners manual is of little help
Our headlights go out for no apparent reason. At first it was just the right hand one, but now occasionally the left one will go out, too, but never at the same time. Just turning them off and on again remedies the pr...
I also need transmission and coolant fluids replaced. And an air fliter. What should it cost?