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it operates fine, but manual says to take it to dealer immediately. what could it be?
Hellow, I have a prius that won't get into gear. I know how to start the car but it will only go from P to N and not anything else. i have tried everything I can think of and the All Star Hybrids have been working o...
I was informed it is a liquid gasket that has a slight leak and thus needs to be replaced. I was told it would take about 5 hours.
parking at an angle light was on. Would that be enough to discharge it? If not, is there anything else that could be draining the power. I think the battery is OK? It's been fine for years.
the heater of my car is not working, prior to this it displayed check engine light and ABS light
I don't plan to ever use the heater, do I have to replace that 3 way valve? What are the risks of damaging my electric or gas engine of my Prius?
The problem first started when the lights came on last week i went to dealership they reseted the code but came back on today what should i do don't wanna take it to the same dealership they didn't find it the first t...
how to reset maintance requaiderd light
oil leak on bottom of engen is it the rear main seal?
Would like to know the standard fee to do a 60000 mile check up so I do not get stuck by my serviceman.
My dealer wants for charge me $500 for 90K check up. Is there a standard or suggested Prius 90K check up list? I want to shop around to see if I can take in it for less than $500.