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I bought my 2004 Prius from my sister who had the air conditioner compressor replaced on August 14, 2010. I have had the vehicle for about 4 years and the compressor appears to be bad again. I took it to Love Toyota...
I have a 2004 Prius but i never had this problem before. The lighted dash (speed, gas tank etc) didn't light up when I turned it on at a store. The Car wouldn't turn off neither. So I drove it home. And it took about ...
this problem occured thius morning. yesterday battery was low.
problem just occurred and it was diagnosed. do you recommend a n independentdealer ?
cost and recharging.
When I bought my wife a new Prius, I decided to keep her old one (2004) as a small run-around and parts getter for my Jeep (my obsession and money-pit). I have noticed that the Prius seems to shudder and clunk in and ...
When I turn on my a/c it says check air-condition connection on display. Now there is NO cold air at all.