Engine was running fine until I changed the coolant. Immediately the engine was idling badly and would just shut off after running 5-10 minutes.

Know what it feels like when you have a flat? The way the steering wheel goes back and forth. Well take that and multiply it times 4. Does it around 35-40. Weird this tho when I shift into fourth it just does it very lightly or not at all. I'm getting ready to change the gears oil now. Could that be anything to do with it?

adding to question posted a few min ago, I replaced the fuel pump about a year and half ago, is it supposed to hold a prime and could it be leaking down then having to reprime to provide fuel to start? also, it has just over 100k on replaced timing belt, is it possible in shut off mode it has enough play or slack to make it out just enough to be hard to start? timing must be ok running because runs fine and strong.

truck has been cranking fine for over a year. the last few days would not start normally but would if key is held to start and starter winds engine extra long. then starts sluggishly until catches up then runs,idles and accelerates maintains speed and power fine. all ok until shut off then have to run starter long time to crank again. sometimes starter runs longer than other to start but always longer than normal.

battery is 2014, truck has 260000 miles but I don't know when the starter was replaced

Like if I reach a stop sign It'll turn off on its own, its like it losses power, can anyone help me out?

driver side does not work what be the number one cause actuator or relay. If relay where is it located on a 94 SR5 4x4 pickup

Loudest knock I've ever heard still runs barely but im baffled.