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driver side does not work what be the number one cause actuator or relay. If relay where is it located on a 94 SR5 4x4 pickup thanks
when first starting, engine will not fast idle for warm up period. i have changed coolant temp sensor already.
I had it tuned up but still does it, it does it every day on flat road or hills ( 4 cylinder )
it throws the tps code but its brand new and set by the book
I need to know the location of the ac expansion valve in a 1994 toyota pickup.
Just installed a remanufactured engine, fuel pump, fuel filter...and alot of other parts.....havent replaced any sensors
have put all new parts / on TDC / chain aligned on proper links but too much slack on driver side / so before putting back together checking for info
I was driving down i90 and it just gave up, I could rev the engine and shift gears for a second but no power to the wheels when this happened. then the truck just turned off and now wont fire. Replaced Fuel pump and f...
1994 Toyota Pickup 22r 2wd. Temp got in low teens over night. Went out to start truck next morning it ran for about a minute and a half and died. Won't start back up just keeps turning over and over. Father in law thi...
then it quits like you shut key off. Try to restart and it almost starts when I hold accelorater to floor. at this time I know its over fueling. why ?