the turn signals are not working in front
the lights work in back the right is flashing rapidly the left front wont come on is the front single element and the back duel element

sorry forgot to include when the missing starts sometimes it starts running right again then check engine light comes on for a few seconds then goes off it is a intermittent problem i've had it run fine 150 miles no prob. stop kill it go into someplace for a hour or so get in it start it runs great go about 5 r 10 miles and the missing starts engine light comes on then off and it runs fine

starts and runs fine after it gets to normal temp it will start missing on one cylinder had a diagnostic ran on it showed a distributer sensor bad replaced distr. now it starts and runs fine until it gets to operating temp. then number 2 spark plug quits firing took distr. back got another one still doin the same thing mechanic ran another diagnostic and now it showed rpm sensor bad he hooked a rpm meter up to it and the rpms are showing but no fire on number 2 plug

Chapter loses power when engine light comes on turn the key on and off and runs good till the light comes on

I dont have fuse panel cover for the one in cab by driver side panel with fuse diagram. My dome light dont work and i need a fuse diagram to check for blown fuse

I have a 1994 Toyota pickup 22re you gotta pat the gas to start it it runs just fine but will not idle if you take your foot off the gas it dies what could it be

also second gear and making grinding sound

I changed the sensor and it's the same no change I must accelerate the speed then let off to get the truck to shift and there is no movement on the speedometer

As I'm driving down the highway or idling the check engine light will come on and it will run like crap or lose half of his power it will go off and it runs just great but when the check engine light comes on it runs like crap or loses half of its power I took it to every shop in the computer reads no code even when the light is on someone help

to check the horn before I buy new ones and how hard to install