1992 Toyota Pickup Questions

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Won't start until it cools down. Starts and runs fine. If I keep the hood up when it's parked, it will start and run. If I can get it moving , it will run rough for a few minutes, then it runs fine. It's getting a little more difficult to start in the morning than it used to.

After a few tries the engine will slowly crank over and then finally start. It runs fantastic after it gets goins, I only have a problem when I'm trying to start it.

Ive been mech for 40 yrs but this one is a tuff one. I replaced fuel pump&filter and it starts and stalls in 5 sec. Its fuel injected and it has a starter injector which adds xtra gas at start up. How do you test all injectors with ohm meter and then test them with a stethascope. supposed to hear them humming. Is this correct? Do you know what else problem could be. I also replaced the regulator with a adjustable pressur regulator. Do you know these aanswers of good tests to make on injectors. Do you know what other problems could do this to the engine? Thank you. Please get back to me.

In diagnostic box I Have power at B+ when switch is on,i have power at FP when cranking, when I run jump wire to each pump doesnt run. I ran a wire straight to the pump from the battery and the pump runs and truck starts. I have checked EFI fuse and IGN fuse both are good, EFI main relay clicks when ignition is turned on.

It won't just pop out like some say! I've struggled pulled and pried!

The truck has been sitting for a number of years. it has new battery now but it will not turn over now or make any noise when keyis turned...

What steps should I take to get it started?

The warmer the outside air the sooner and worse the problem is. Any attempt at acceleration chokes the engine. Putting any load on the engine chokes it down. Even holding speed on a hill. It will eventually choke down and not go at all. What sensors are suspect? Too old for computer codes. Have to be manually tested. Thanks

Driving on interstate when the noise occurred. Engine shutdown and had vehicle towed home. Engine will turn over but still makes the metal-on-metal clanking noise.