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This truck has been well maintained and runs perfectly. The truck made a whirling noise and I was told it needed the differential rebuilt. I spent $2,600 at the dealer and it makes the same noise. It still starts to...
my timing belt broke and my cams are not in line with the crankshaft how do I get them all to line back up with to dead center?
whudlow27@gmail.com This is the second vehicle I've looked at At this new job. I'm sorry so many parts to No avail.The tcc comes on smooth no sudden Clunk. I'm glad I've put on no parts so far. Writing down the ...
Could VSS cause this? Gas tank,fuel pump,computer,air meter All replaced. EFI & open circuit relays stay on. Seems to be A fuel problem. Turns over a lot after stall then stalls When it begins to roll.
Removed fuel tank checked fuel pump...it works properly. Checked all related fuzzes-all OK! Checked efi relay clicks ok! Do not get a power reading from the fuel power plug at fuel pump. What else do I check?
problem is not constant. when happens can turn key off and on quickly 4 or 5 times ,it cranks.
what is making this click? keep switching key off and on to start clicks each time then starts
is break light fuse in fuse panel inside cab or under hood
i tried replacing the o2 censor and that didnt work. it will also shut off after being run for a long time and when i try to start it it seems like its flooding have any sugjestions?
Lights and emergency flashers only work. Battery terminal cable hit wrong post. Sparked and truck wont kick over. Everything in the cab is dead.
Is there a fuse or circuit breaker that could be blown that is easily fixed. I am currently locating all fuse boxes and checking the fuses to make sure they are all good.I am not a mechanic so could use help diagnosin...