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Gauge shows below half full when tank is full.

breaks light just turned on ,I added fluid and it was off but 10 min later it went on again and the fluid I had added was gone.

When the coolent temp gage starts to move something happens almost like a switch is flipped and up loose almost like 20 to 50 horse power ?

I have a 1988 Toyota pickup truck, 22RE engine. It's capable of having an AC unit. It's got all the connections. I took out the AC unit from the 1990 rec truck, both trucks have 22RE engines. Everything is brand new now that I put in my truck.There is only one thing different. The 1988 only has 3 wires, the negative, positive, and ground. The 1990 AC switch has 5 wires. What do I do? Do I convert the truck? Can you please help me on how to do it? I'm going to find somebody to help me but please can you give me the idea how. Thank you so much. I will wait for your answer. Mahalo.

My 1990 PU has 90,000 mi. I was told thru a local shop (not dealer)the idlearm, tierods, and other suspension components need replacing. Cost ~ $1,000. I'm also experiencing the same non-shift into overdrive (as mentioned in your forum) so a solenoid has been ordered and i'm fixing that first. Thoughts on cost/benefit for suspension work? Thanks!

After assembling the engine.. From replacing timing chain guides.. We have long intake bolt to where we can't figure where it goes.. Could this cause the surge due to vac leak?.. Does water run through this particular port where this bolt should be?.. And could this be the cause for the surging.. After warm up?

Whats the estimate on engine replacement?

i actually have an 89 pickup but its the 22re engine. I initially had a problem with the truck wanting to dye when my foot was off the gas after i drove for about 15 min but cold it ran fine. I changed the throttle position sensor i actually changed the whole front piece it was connected to i got it from a pull and save anyway after i put that in the truck will die soon as i take my foot off the clutch. did i do something wrong when i replaced the piece or could it possibly be worse than the one i took off?

It did that before,when we had sleet,so I thought it was moisture in the gas,so I put STP heet in it and it stopped but now its doing it again? Just cant figure it out.

was running good it begin losing coolant from hose that sits on top of the resevoir bottle not dripping shooting it out it wasn't running hot till lastnight i replaced radiator cap put a top hose on it and new thermostat and now my heater isn't warming up like before i love the little truck so if anyone can help please do

Up and down as if it wanted to turn off,dont know alot but i think it has somthing to do with the idle. Any answers?