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Whats the estimate on engine replacement?
i actually have an 89 pickup but its the 22re engine. I initially had a problem with the truck wanting to dye when my foot was off the gas after i drove for about 15 min but cold it ran fine. I changed the throttle ...
It did that before,when we had sleet,so I thought it was moisture in the gas,so I put STP heet in it and it stopped but now its doing it again? Just cant figure it out.
was running good it begin losing coolant from hose that sits on top of the resevoir bottle not dripping shooting it out it wasn't running hot till lastnight i replaced radiator cap put a top hose on it and new thermos...
Up and down as if it wanted to turn off,dont know alot but i think it has somthing to do with the idle. Any answers?
Started idling at 1200 to 100th all of sudden one day. Turned the idle screw down to bring down the rims & mileage has been bad since. About 200 miles from a full tank. Think the problems in the T.Body, TPS or idle ai...
I crawled under the truck and I can see that it is coming from the top of the engine, but I can't trace it down.
how to clean o2 sensor
the lights and fan on the ac controls function, but the compressor does not come one.