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Refrigerant is ok. Compressor is working good. Compressor fails to cool, and I think the problem could be electrical. Controls are ok too. Would appreciate any feedback thank you!
What is an intermediate shaft and how important is it to me fixed and now difficult and evpencive. 2008 Toyota Highlander Sport
I want to have a new water pump and timing belt installed.
Need to know lug nut torque?
93500 miles. Takes about 500 ml of oil every 150 miles. Replace rear rubber oil line. Worked on variable valve timing.
My car is the Limited Edition with keyless entry. as I park the car and retire inside, after a while, the alarm will go off. I have to use the unlock key on the remote to silence it. But it comes on again after a whil...
My 2008 Highlander began making a rattling sound 2 days ago. It is very loud when I first start the car and when sitting at a light. Other than the sound the vehicle runs well. No overheating. Not sure what it is.
How long should it take a shop to replace the two right rear lower control arms on an 08 highlander
the faster i drive the louder it gets, someone told me it might be the tires
second time the light came on first time it went out by its self.
I was hit on both rear bumpers but noone thinks that is the problem.
my car was worked on because a rodent got underneath and chewed up all the wires and the mechanic put all new wires. Now my air conditioner don't work and he says it will cost $2000.00 to fix.