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How do I remove the radiator fan motors assembly?
The thermostat was removed,but has been replaced.I thought the fan had To rotate on starting So I called an electrician Who added so many wires as the fans are working.but what's the effect of the so many Wi...
also The car jerks,shows a blinking engine malfunction signal,d fans were not rotating so so a wire relay was we hear there is no need for that.what effect could the added relays have on d engine?
Refrigerant is ok. Compressor is working good. Compressor fails to cool, and I think the problem could be electrical. Controls are ok too. Would appreciate any feedback thank you!
Battery light on dash came on and remained on. Battery had to be replaced; light still on. Alternator was replaced; light on. Toyota said that was the wrong alternator; replaced it with correct alternator. Light st...
My manual shows a steering wheel switch, my vehicle does not have this switch. The light comes on a stays on without blinking.
replaced right rear calabor and pads and i can't get pressure back. how can i get the pressure in rear brakes
while at a dead stop and idling I'm getting a gas smell through the heat vents... any thoughts now I think I've a bad ignition coil could they be related problems THANKS in advance
Changed out all bulbs still can't get the drivers side break light to come on.
I just bought this car and went for Inspection which failed because it says "on board computer system, OBD (Monitor Catalyst, Monitor EVAP, Monitor O2) not ready to be tested." Neither the technician nor anyone has an...
My previous post was for the wrong year. I have a leak at front differential. One mechanic said the engine needs to be raised to repair it. What may be the cost of such a repair?
I have a front differential oil leak. One mechanic told me the engine needs to be raised to repair the leak (gasket?) What may be the cost of repairing such a leak?
My service manual only goes to 120,000 miles and I'm up to 125,000. Is there a suggested interval for timing belt replacement?
PO 441, PO 442 & PO446 are codes. Came on at same time at 114k miles. Tried gas cap tightened and can't see any detached vacuum lines.
What is an intermediate shaft and how important is it to me fixed and now difficult and evpencive. 2008 Toyota Highlander Sport
The screw behind the knob is okay and the control knob is still not working
I went on youtube to see if I could repair it myself but it shows a 3 knob panel. I have a 2 knob panel and it is all different and I have no idea as what to do . Can you help??????
at first it was occasionally it's a lot more often now
read fluid leaking under engine
have 149900 miles on my car, was driving home and suddenly sounded like drive shaft or something was dragging, looked under and nothing. before that the steering wheel would shake and then stop, then later it would ha...
.the temperature does not change. It feels like the knob is stripped but it is not.
Mechanic says could be catalytic converter and O2 sensor, anyone else have this issue?
An intermittent check engine light that is on more that off these days. Changed gas cap with new OEM one. Engine seems to run fine.. smells a little rich on start up. 249,000 miles one my truck.. smog test comming in ...
1) Issue was a constant whine like a wheel bearing going out. Could hear at 20-25 mph, more prevalent at 45-50 and worse at 75+. Always coming from rear. Sound always the same (pitch didn't vary). Toyota had it for 13...