My manual shows a steering wheel switch, my vehicle does not have this switch. The light comes on a stays on without blinking.

replaced right rear calabor and pads and i can't get pressure back. how can i get the pressure in rear brakes

Long story short, I recently moved from CA to WA and I had rented a truck and trailer to haul my highlander. When it was time to load my car I had to drive it onto the tailer which by the way was way too high up of a ramp. Needless to say my vehicle got stuck and pieces of my undercarriage ripped off. The heat shield looked like a crushed aluminum can, that bar that runs down the center is dented in, my tail pipe is also dented and I believe my caddy conv. may have also sustained damage. The car drives but the fans aren't running and the engine is making a loud noise when started. Budget Rental has done nothing to repair my vehicle even though I purchased the extra insurance. Any advise will do. Thank you.

Yesterday, my battery light came on twice during the day, but did not stay on. The car seemed to be running normally. This morning, the light never came on. Should I have it checked, or was that just a fluke?

I have tried to remove the rear plastic covers and am afraid if I try harder they will break, or I will cause damage to the roof.

Was stuck in park, then shifted out. When I stopped will not shift into reverse or park. only shifts from neutral to drive or L2.

I hit a pole and the front bumper of my car came off. The Bumper is completely broken I will need a new one. Is this a repair I can do my self or will I need a mechanic?

i want to know where is number one cylinder is on a 2007 toyota highlander v6 3.3

it has one belt for power steering and one belt for alt. air

how do you change belts on 2007 highlander

I was told the "retest" would be no charge if
done within ten days.

My daughter was involved in an accident in her 2007 Highlander. The policeman estimated the speeds at collision at about 30 and 45 miles per hour. She was cut off by someone merging onto the highway at 15 miles an hour. She hit the back of him causing almost $7000 damage to her car. The other car took off when hit so I don't know how much damage was done to his truck. My husband and I are concerned that at those speeds her airbags did not deploy. Thank you so much for your help!!