The temp knob just doensnt make go up or down.

car is in lag mode due to reversing jump
start cables. problem started right after

i change the shock absorbers and since then tne brake light remain on and the gearbox did not change when driving.. it runs on only one gear since then.. but i guess it's because the brake light is on

Engine light is on also vsc light. Wondering if it is inside the transmission or on the outside

through all the gears. I believe that it is only shifting to 4th gear. The transmission is a 5 speed automatic. The vehicle is all wheel drive.

Thank you!

What started out as a low hum has progressed to a loud whine or roar accompanied by a vibration in the floor. I have had the front bearings replaced and numerous things checked or fixed. The latest opinion is that it could be the transfer case, but he's not 100% certain and won't be until they get to the transfer case and take it apart. It's an expensive repair that I don't want to do if I don't need it. Is this a common problem? Thanks

Is it more likely a belt or a pump?

I was told that the bolt for the oil pan is stripped and I need a new oil pan because of the bolt.

I was told that the bolt for the oil pan is stripped and I need a new oil pan.

How do I remove the radiator fan motors assembly?

Installed a new battery and these lights stay on now.

reason I went to 38 finish line for a quick oil change and carwash, the guy says, you need your radiator flushed? I said go for it. once its done, I had cold air coming out of my heater vents, goes away when hitting the gas peddle. took it back they add more antifreeze same issue, 2 days later end out having antifreeze leaking from the intake manifold, toyota say you need an engine. has anyone ever had this issue?
end out ordering a rebuilt engine and now looking for estimate installation.