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My car has always idled at around 1000 rpm, but recently it started making a strange noise while idle and while driving between 1000 and abour 2500 rpm. It stops when I go faster, btu when driving low speeds it sounds...
How many gallons to fill up the gas tank
Heater and AC no longer work - was sporadic but able to fix sometimes (not always) by twisting knob for temperature and getting it in the "right" place. Then left it exactly there and only used on/off. But now nothin...
all the time blowing the 25a radio fuse. the vehicle still wont start. i broke out the tester and get high readings on the tow fuse. andy help is more than appreciated.
What do I need to do or replace to fix this problem?? Thank You.
only does it when I cut the heat or ac on,just makes a high pitch sound,could it be the fan
I have had the rear engine torque mount replaced and it kicks when I'm going in reverse. It happens mostly when I'm trying to back up a hill. Is it the transmission? What can I do to fix this?
Receiving a racking sound at the steering wheel shaft when speed is up to 45 - 60 and slightly turning to the right. Detail is that when terminals are verified they seem very hard and stiff; just a slight movement on...
started out idling slow now it idling very high
My car shows codes P420 and P1150 after having P1135 A/F sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 replaced. Now dealer is saying I need to replaceexhaust pipe to repair leak. Est. of repairs is 1300. Any one know about this stuff?
My 2001 Highlander has 2 issues. If I start the engine with the heater on it squeals like a belt issue. Soon as I turn heater off it quits. Sound like a belt? I have an sound similar to an exhaust leak, more like a l...
using a quart every 300 miles. none on the pavement. slight smoking from tailpipe
evapouration emission control system purge flow is malfuntioning