I have been having this oil light problem for about 3 months. The car is running smoothly and very well. Starts quickly, have power and it doesn't stall.
The problem is the oil light is on.
The oil sensor switch was replaced but oil light still on. A local mechanic checked with a scanner and said that indicated a misfire, and may be the spark plugs and/or a coil or fuel injector need to be replaced. However, the engine is not vibrating or showing any sign of having any malfunction. Oil is new and to the right level. The car has 71000 miles. Don't know whom to trust for the repairs and how much would it cost. So far, local mechanics can't give me a fairly accurate estimate. What do you think?

When I apply a little pressure on brake pedal the raffling stops

Car over heats and radiator leaks since water pump pulley shakes during rotation

New: clutch n pressure plate

I'm selling my little sweet car (purchased a new RAV4) and the garage wants to charge over $600 for this service.
I just had it in to my service tech and put over $1000 into it and he found neither of these problems!

It will never start on the first attempt. I wait till I hear a click, then one or two start cranking gets it going.

Idles rough in gear smooths out in nuteral car is also during at stop signs

When it starts it pops once then runs rough with a chugging sound.
Also electrical problem with battery drain when shut off.

is timing belt the common problem for that model

Original water pump no problems so far.

head light high beam working but low beam not working.pls give me suggestion

car has new compressor, drier, expansion valve and cabin fan. Renew cabin fan because it nwould not run new fan will not run to.

on after i ve been driving for awhile

How much should it cost to replace an oil pump for my 2002 Echo? Most places estimate about $600 but the dealer and another place estimate about $1100. Why such a discrepancy in pricing?