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Idles rough in gear smooths out in nuteral car is also during at stop signs
When it starts it pops once then runs rough with a chugging sound. Also electrical problem with battery drain when shut off.
is timing belt the common problem for that model
head light high beam working but low beam not working.pls give me suggestion
car has new compressor, drier, expansion valve and cabin fan. Renew cabin fan because it nwould not run new fan will not run to.
How much should it cost to replace an oil pump for my 2002 Echo? Most places estimate about $600 but the dealer and another place estimate about $1100. Why such a discrepancy in pricing?
heated cat not supported catalyst not ready evap system not ready egr not supported air system not supported air conditioner not supported
My air is not blowing cold air and I found a plug under the dash not connected to anything. I need to know where to plug it in. the wires are purple and pink
the man that put me a new one in didn't know how so another man came over and did it, if its not in there right will that show evap valve?
There is low air coming out of the vents.
Would also like to know if I can add a concentrated gas treatment for carburetors and injectors
It started when I slowed for construction and when I went to accelerate I could here this occasional knock. As i accelerated it increased so I pulled over and tried to find the problem. When I began to drive again I d...