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i change the Throttle Position Sensor but nothing changed could it be a idle air control valve issue
My dash board lights went off nothing works then the clutch also not engaging. Used the small red nob to engage the gear used it but later the red light for temp came on. Whats the problem. Is it senor switch or man ...
where is the 4th cylender located top one or bottom one
My Check Engine light is on and I need to pass emissions
the stud on the ball joint is turning clear thru is this normal
Dealer says CEL is due to hoses from charcoal canister and canister itself leaking fumes. Is 836.00 reasonable?
In very general terms, how much should I expect to pay to replace the shocks and struts? My mechanic quoted me almost $800. Is that about standard?
my washer fluid does not come out. No noise, where can I find the fuse box for it? Or do you think it's the motor?
Do toyota echoes have casters in the front end? The shop I went to for alignment stated casters needed to be worked on and it would cost about $200.00. I think I'm getting snowed here.
having trouble getting the drum on. brakes are adjusted all the way in. I compared to other side and everything is correct?
where is the oil pump located
road noise increases with car speed and at 70 mph can't hold a conversation
How do I change brakes on my 2001 echo?
Here is the latest update, have Les Schwab replace master cyl., they blead out the system. The pressure was fine for a day or so then back to slowly loosing pressure. Took car back they went over entire break system...
Does the 2001 toyota echo have a timing belt or a timing chain? And when does the water pump need to be rerplaced?