the car shifts gear 1 to 3 perfectly as normal but it won't shift to 4

How much does a tune up cost

My car starts too shake and loses power when mt check engine light comes on. I turn off my car and in the morning the check engine light is off and the car is fine. I scanned my car and I got code PO353 I think that was the code. Was can cause my check engine light to turn on.

I recently got a 2009 toyota corolla wagon when i went to turn it on the hand brake cable was smoking and now after scraping the ground wire with sand paper i went to turn on the car it just shut down and is not receiving ant current

Odometer shows 40K miles, replaced all four bearings. Car has also been trailered about 30K miles (enclosed, off the ground, strapped down). I also think the bearings might have been bad when new - noise was explained as "tire noise."

when i turn the ignition nd crank my car i have all the brake lights on my instrument panel, when i brake suddenly it feels like my rear brakes only work cause iv spun out before :0 in front of a cop at a red light. i was super lucky cause i fixed the position of my car and the cop just gave me a thumbs up :). also my speedometer does not work. i was told it could be the abs speed sensor or the VSS but ima go with ABs cause of the spinning out. can someone please help me locate it. thanks in advance

Since i got my car from the dealership (52,528 miles). my car would start a little messed up sometimes like a grinding sound or something. But not every time, now my car wont even crank or start for that matter. im lucky that my car was at my house when the starter decided to just give out. i presumme it is the starter i just dont know how to acces it properly . :/ help me car gurus!!
59,000 miles now

Continue driving without it?

I had a knocking noise at startup in my car. One day it happened for a little while so i looked under the hood and saw that a pulley on the drive belt was loose and rattling. I forgot which one later on, and when looking at the drive belt system with a friend we noticed coolant spray all over the engine and dried crud in the water pump, so I changed it. The knocking noise has not gone away, and now my engine has started to misfire terribly after maintaining highway speeds, and continues for one or two minutes after exiting the freeway. Then it suddenly pops back to normal. I took it to an auto parts store and their scanner read, "P0352 ignition coil B primary/secondary malfunction". There are so many things at play here, that I don't know what to do!
Any MUCH appreciated advice?