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I had the tire pressure checked on all 4 tires today and they were low just a little. More air was added. The light is still on.
plz send it with full detail . codes with their problem. thanks & Regards.
what should i do all the trouble codes removed also. but the problem still exist. can we accelerate the rpm through obd2 scanner.
It's a rainy day and my engine light came on. I got code p90352 ignition coil b primary/secondary circuit malfunction. Vehicle runs fine. Is it safe to drive? Is it difficult to replace whatever part I need? Any help ...
Toyota 2009 corolla S, it has been making a strange noise. i have my belt tightened it was loose and it is tight and it is still making sounds like for the first five seconds after it's been sitting for five hours or...
Code came up as P0353 - ignition coil fail on #1 cylinder. Car is 2009 corolla, 39,254 miles. For those that have had this issue and have needed replaced..do you know if this is typically a covered item on extended ...
It drove smoothly after that. This morning, did it again while driving at low speed, then check engine light came on and stayed on but wobbliness/shakiness didn't continue and I parked shortly after. I called Toyota ...
My windshield wipers are acting oddly. They will not work at all on "high", work fine on "moderate", works intermittently on "sporadic." What could be wrong, the motor or the relay in the steering column? How would...
Please give the drive cycle information to get these monitors set to 'Ready' status. All other monitors are OK
Car making sound like marbles in a can. Also seems like it will stall out at times at red light or stopping. When I start car in morning it has a tin sound, but than it's o.k.
happens all the time have to pull fuse of batt cable to have stop
Since the purchase of my vehicle, I have changed the oil and rotated tires as scheduled. No other maintenance has been done. Would like to know what needs to be done at this time and age/mileage.
Went for inspection today, failed due to OBD monitors not ready, two of them actually: catalyst monitor and the O2 sensor. Any help appreciated
i got check engine light on.. whe i took it to fix it they tell me this problem,, how much it cost pump alone??