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1994 Toyota Corolla overheating, Replaced radiator and thermostat, still over heating
My car cranks over but won't start. It has spark and fuel. I just changed the fuel pump. I sprayed starting fluid in the carb but still would not start. The timing belt is good. What could it be? It is a 97 Toyota cor...
It was running perfectly, but died on the road. I would step on the gas and would not go until it finally died.
A/C not working. Air comes through but not cold. Thought it may be a fuse but can't find it under the hood. Manuel not very helpful.
Steering wheel moves slightly when I put key in ignition. The wheels appear slightly to the left. When I put the key in the ignition I hear a click when I try to turn it and the steering wheel at the same time. My key...
As you let off the key while cranking it acts like it fires but kicks eng, backwards timing belt is fine an has compression also checked blink codes has 27 for O2 senser help!!!
A change tc n check engine still on dosent read that tc
I was driving to work and timing belt broke while on freeway this Morning.
AC intermittent. When not working AC button won't light and air blowing
Nobody was around the car when it did it i had to unhook the battery cable to get them to go off
I had a new distributor and valve cover put in about a month ago.Right after the yellow check engine light came on intermittently. Also, sometimes I notice a slight hesitation when driving espeically in the mornings (...
Engine light NOT ON. new Battery installed. No codes. Have driven car for 100 miles with no change.
because it is old and stuck open. They charged me $99.00 just to tell me this and then said this amount would be credited back to the charge of $780.oo. I am working part-time and raising my grandchild and so I don't ...
Bought new. My car either one, seems to be missing a low fuel indicator; or, two is showing defective functioning bulb?
Check engine light not on. Was told that I have to run car until computer resets. Have driven the car for about 800 miles, various speeds etc. Battery checked out that it is good. Had another check today and it still ...
I guess like the cost of the entire muffler piping and muffler but not the converter.