how do i clear camshaft position actuator circuit bank 1

What could be the problem?

I was told by auto zone it could be my alternator.

Now car won't start. Any ideas? Tow guy said something about water tank? Costly??

what is going on?

I need help my car shakes when I am at a stop light While I'm in gear. What could be the possibility that make my car shake? it was shaking before I changed the spark plug. I have changed the spark plug but it's still shaking. my has 130,279 miles. I do travel alot.

all bumps
all the time

I get a cracking sound when I start the engine in the mornings (especially leaving the car unused over night). I am not getting that sound if I start the car during my lunch time ( I mean leaving it unused for only 3 hours since morning use). I googled for it, many people has this issue but no one found a solution. If anyone knows root cause or solution for this problem, please share it. Thanks.