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I had a knocking noise at startup in my car. One day it happened for a little while so i looked under the hood and saw that a pulley on the drive belt was loose and rattling. I forgot which one later on, and when look...
will not shift into park.
Went to get new brakes and dropped my car off, and came back to get it, the guy said the rear rotors looked brand new. So I assume that my back brakes were/are not engagging. Over 100,000 miles I'd think they shouldn'...
replaced the chain and still wont turn over , as far as I know the marks are lined up right and bought the haynes book but its up to a 2008 sales man said it would work , But my car has the VTH cams or something like ...
my dealer want 800 to swapp the Charcoal Canister on my 2009 Corolla CE. Check Engine light was coming on solid consistently for a week or 10 days, now it is staying off. They also dinged me 100 to tell me the error.
will not switch from front to defrost mode
I had the tire pressure checked on all 4 tires today and they were low just a little. More air was added. The light is still on.