changed o2 sensors @ codes keep coming up with p0606 . do i reset computer & how.tanks

The car died and its on the freeway. When my son tries to start it it just goes tick tick tick tick- please help

I am not having any luck finding out how to fix my 2006 Toyota Corolla (US built) as the right front brake locked up after going through a parking lot slowly. It cooled and I was able to drive again for several weeks -- no trouble lights on. Then it did it again. We replaced caliper, pads, and the soft brake line from the caliper. Within 15 minutes problem developed again -- slower acceleration, noted drag and pulled over to find right front brake locked up again.

We finally even ordered a salvaged pump/controller which was bench tested as fine. New was $2000 plus -- this was about $200. Paid hundreds to have Toyota dealership remove and replace then flush with their scan tool. They called me to let me know it was all fixed. I drove it around the block and parked. By the time I walked back out it was locked up again. They insist I just need to buy the NEW pump/controller even though the exact same wheel is the problem. I think the odds of that are slim. But I just don't know.

I bought the car new so know that it never did this before. Now I am over $1000 down on an older but good car which has been out of commission for 3 months as no one here seems to know what to do. I live on the Big Island -- Hawaii and have NOT taken it to our other dealership yet -- $$$ drain quickly if they are searching in the dark.

They insisted that everything tested fine after their repair but certainly agreed that it was locked up again.

check engine light was coming on
changed gas cap still coming on

Well taken care of by elderly lady, about 120,000 miles. What cost is she looking at & since numerous complaints would Toyota help with parts

My x partner had taken out the fuses and unplugged a few things trying to prevent me from taking my car back. I was able to start and drive off with the car without the fuses being replaced. But not long after The power steering lights come on and was very hard to turn the wheel as well as the gear stick not able to move out of park. I hope it doesn't need a auto electrician to fix the problem.

My car was sold to me with a crack charcoal canister or a missing charcoal canister. 125,000 miles later I now suppose to need a tort converter transmission replaced. My dealership replaced the charcoal canister when I complained about it. Transmission look like its slipping now. Would this because a charcoal canister needs replacing?

My car is overheating, making a noise, and leaking anti-freeze. I was told by a local mechanic that at the very least, I need to replace the water pump and the thermostat. I need to know how much that might cost, and what else I could be looking at that could be connected.

Thank you,

Donna Brooks

I turned the key while the ignition was already running. What can I do to fix this?

How can this problem be resolved?