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I went to start the car one morning and it started to start then it souned like the power to the car just shut down
I have 2 new tires, new rotors and a front end aligment. Could it be that it needs a new tie rod. Most vibration on the front wheel driver side.
what should i expect to pay for replacing a wheel bearing in this car/ parts+labor at a dealership
clutch is slipping badly
Can a P0420 Error Code show up when a ECM is defective? What the code points toward is the Catalytic Convertor being bad? Can the Cat actually be good, it's just the ECM defective, and throwing the code in error?
I hear a metal on metal grinding noise when making sharp right or left hand turns going less than 10 mph.
I bought a used 2005 toyota corolla and it needs the driver side airbag, I would like to know what it will cost me to have a new air bag installed
How much does it cost for the struts, the plates and the labor? I just paid 1400 for that repair, is that cost about right?
does corolla 2005 has a timing belt or chain?
I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla with approx. 70k miles. The noise sounds like someone is getting a pencil and running it down a washboard. It's inconsistent and happens usually when my car is at a stop. Usually it occu...
The highbeam indicator light (blue) on the dash has quit working, how do I get to it?
are the plainun / iridium spark plugs one kind or are they two different ones .?
I only hear the sound when breaking. I do not hear it while driving. So could this still be the wheel bearings?
Ive never had any problems with my car ever, then 1 night when pulling into a parking spot my car died. After leaving the store when I slowed down at a light it felt as if the car was gonna die, but was fine untill I ...
1zz motor that was run very hot. Had water on middle 2 plugs with very low compression. Had cylinder head surfaced and replaced head gasket. Now the compression is as follows, 125-65-45-145. No more water in cylin...