My Toyota Corolla 2005 140i has a P0505 fault which showed when I checked with my meter,I then went about checking,and cleaning parts involved with this error reading,also changing the thermostat which was suspect,I then tried to take another reading with OBC meter,but it didn't even light up.I checked the meter,on another car,it worked ok,I also checked 7,5amp fuse,it was fine,what else can I check ? Help needed.Thank you.

ive even done a tuneup and it still cuts off

My Toyota Corolla LE (2005) is giving an odd sound whenever I start the car be it morning or evening, but after a short drive it becomes normal.

Again if I stop the car in the Traffic Signal and move the car, the same noise is coming again. I believe the it is coming from Carburetor.

Please share your ideas about fixing this.

code P0705

1)Press in the A/C switch/button - light is on, 2)Turn on the fan switch knob to full blast/"MAX", 3)under the hood, ac compressor pulley is spinning but not the hub, 4)Charging kit with guage showing a little over 55 psi.

Steering wheel moves slightly when I put key in ignition. The wheels appear slightly to the left. When I put the key in the ignition I hear a click when I try to turn it and the steering wheel at the same time. My key is one of those transponder keys and is the only key I have, the original master key was lost. Would a new key fix the problem? Called dealership and for a new key costs $200. dollars. Is this a ignition or key problem. Need advice before shelling out money. Thanks.

Car does not knock at idle or under load only when rpms drop and then the knocks a few seconds and stops. 255,000
miles oil changed every 3000 miles

Caliper repair cost

my wipers in corolla sedan 2005 when i spill water do not wipe the window and more they do not stop to park position but stay at random position when i push the lever on to wipe once.
The wipers is with rainsensor and this functionality do not work also.
I want to ask if there is a relay that i can change and where is it located?
Please Help me it is Winder!!!

Nothing is wrong. Well, I cant stand driving it anymore! It feels as if the wheels are going to fall off and that something is broken related to the suspension. I cant take it anymore. Its coming up on 120,000 service and that is for suspension (strut reacement, if nec)...but toyota says car is perfect! I feel like each day I am going to die in this car.