The Driver Side Front Wheel gets hotter than all the rest wheel after running some few kilometers

Just happened. Just put in new battery and air filter.

I bought my car at 55k miles! They changed the timing belt (or was it a chain?) as a condition of sale! I am now at 115k miles! Do I need it changing again? I've heard chains last longer and that an 05 model should be a chain! How would I know if it is? Basically, when do I need to replace it again?

The heat in my car doesn't work. The mechanic flushed it out but it still won't work. He claims the water pump needs to be replaced and wants to charge me around 500-600 for everything. Am I getting ripped off?

Changed skpar plugs and changed the valve cover gascet

My car has 91k miles. About a week before I was told they cleaned the pcv valve after which the light went off. Now, a week later the check engine light is back on and I'm told I need a new air fuel sensor & that there is another problem they "can't see" until they replace the sensor. I was quoted $350 which includes labor; I didn't get the work done but wanted to know if this sounds right.

my brake light comes on and my brakes go all the way to the floor and then my car start to hesitate and the engine starts to make some noise but when I put brake fluid in it and brakes getting harder and then there's no more hesitation or engine noise

Checked fuel and fuses

I lost my keys and took the ignition out and now it seems like it's not getting fuel checked all the fuses its getting gas up to the injectors but won't start what is the problem and how do I did it

Can anyone else besides a dealer do the flashing- code reset?

someone added longer wires to battery terminals was fine after I drove the other day killed it wont start back raised hood looked like pos.wire (that was added) was touching neg terminal wire

lights on speedometer and shift gears on Toyota corolla don't work. Any suggestion?

My car died. We replaced the starter and now she's sorta fine. She is prone to shaking at idle. Feels like a wobble in a way. And sometimes she will just die for now known reason. We think if we replace the fuel injector this might fix the problem.
But we have our doubts. So I am asking anyone that is wise or knowledgeable in this matter to please help. The reading machine we own says that the problem is PO303 3rd cylinder misfire. I hope this can help.