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A change tc n check engine still on dosent read that tc
On the passenger side where the pillar & headliner meet when there is a heavy rain it leaks heavy inside my car. It's only a certain golf ball size area that gets wet, all other areas around it is dry. If I'm driving ...
How to by pass in trunk seat release
I am the original owner. It has been well maintained. It was in one accident in which there was front end damage, but we have had no problems with it since. It is currently used as a 2nd car by my HS and college-ag...
how could the transmission need to be replaced ? is rebulid better than replace ? I thought toyota was a good car ? I put fluid in and all came out why ?
Daily while sitting waiting to warm up. then when accelerating the heat seems to kick in
My corolla runs on petrol and CNG (compressed natural gas). I had recently changed my starter and radiator fan (fan is new and starter second hand).I had to change the fan as the car over heated and the fan melted. I ...
How much would it cost me to fix?? I bent it when backed up into a high curb.
I realise labor is going to vary but an approx amount for both would be great. I don't have automatic windows but do have auto mirrors. The mirrors are not heated.
It usually happens when I am going over 60mph.