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A mechanic told me I should change my timing chain. I thought I don't need to do this because it's a chain. Please advise

Engine cranks but wont start after installing a starter

Went it. Drive in. Airbags. Stay. On. Alltime

Corolla S with about 250K miles. Prior, A/C and heater were intermittently working and blowing with cool air (A/C) intermittently with A/C light on and, now, not at all with no power or A/C light turning on.

Thus far, we have:
1) Checked the blower motor and had replaced and worked intermittently in conjunction with being A/C light on or off going off on on by itself. Blower motor works with power out of car, but not in car.
2) Blower Motor Resistor has been changed.
3) Several fuses have been checked including magnetic clutch relay.
4) In dash heater A/C controller has been changed.
5) No diagnostic codes are showing up.

Acts like it is an electrical problem, so our next guess is there must be a broken or loose wire somewhere, but do not see any burned or melted wiring.

Is there something that is common that goes out or have anymore ideas why A/C or Heater might not work? Thanks in advance.

check head light fuses both sides look good, both bulbs on drivers side look good what else can it be?

While driving, I turned on my turn signal and lost all electrical to my car. No dash lights, no air, no windshield wipers, no auto locks, etc. I pulled over to park and restart. Car starts just fine, but no electrical and now it won't move out of park. My emergency blinkers work fine. What could the problem be and how much? I don't won't to get robbed when I take it in. Thank you!

i bring my car to the mechanic but they said that everything is fine, the fuses works perfectly, the bulbs too. but we don;t know exactly where we can found the cause.

Why does the whistling noise gets heard when steping on break pedals while driving forward

Once the gas cap is removed fuel leaks around the tank

A belt was changed and worked for a while but is turning off again

The 2004 Corolla is driven for a while and when the engine is hot, the engine seems to lose power. This is sporadic, so it does not happen all the time, but it is noticible when the car is warm or it has been driven for a spell without shutting it off. i cannot figure what is wrong? Could it be the vaccum?

My wife was pulling into the garage after doing some errands, and placed the car into park. She remembered something she forgot to do. She put the car in reverse and it seemed that the card would not move as if the emergency brake was on. Did the same moving forward, it was like the wheels had locked up or I was trying to move the car with me pushing the brake as hard as I could with my food. The card would not move. We had everything on the car changed back in January; the brake pads, fluid, and new caliphers, but not new rotors. Had the car in the shop a week ago because the brakes were acting funny, at least I thought. Shop said everything was fine ?

I just had my calipers and brakes replaces with new brake fluid. I did not have my rotors changed out due to lack of funds. What would cause my left front wheel to vibrate the steering wheel? I noticed after returning home that the wheel brake area was very hot. I did have my rim replaced due to a dent, and the tires (all 4) are Michelins and were replaced in March of 2014. Would faulty rotors cause a vibration? I had the tires balanced and aligned about 4 months ago.

I was driving my Toyota and noticed I did not have any power, no more than 40MPH so I pulled over and put car in park without turning off the engine. After a minute or so, I accelerated and everything is fine. I am not a mechanic but maybe it is a fuel filter or vacuum? Any guesses? it is very hot this time of year in Florida, but I have never had this problem before?