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Now the codes that came out are p0300 p0301 and p0302. The car shakes a lot and feels like it's going to shut off. I put it in gear and upon acceleration makes popping noise and feels as if it's clogged. Please advi...
Is this something I can do myself?
Toyota Allison 2003 at 60km/pH lights engen check light what could be the problem
AC intermittent. When not working AC button won't light and air blowing
Fan won't come on. When shut off, won't restart for approx half hour. Direct wired fan to battery and fan works fine. How do I find out if prob is relay or temp sensor? Also, even with fan direct wired and running coo...
The car was making a little different noise for a couple days and could see a small pin leak leading out the drive way when pulled out previously but then upon letting it sit came out a large puddle. Checked my oil an...
Check engine light code p0442 did smoke test said evp cannister that makes light come on is bad
when stopped, the car gives cold air...happens with ac same opposite way
Dipstick says approx. 1 inch is "Full" but I have about 3 inches of motor oil showing up on transmission fluid dipstick. How does this occur and how do I fix it?
cost to install engine in a 2003 toyota corolla
Since I purchased my corolla, I have experienced problems overnight in extremely cold weather. Although my headlights a turned to off, they come on automatically in freezing temperatures and drain my battery through t...