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Replaced O2 sensor before converter. Ran a little smoother after computer figured out the new sensor but still would not re-start after test drive while engine was still warm. Engine is not overheating and idles smoo...
when i turn it on and drive makes noise took to mechanic somewer told me didnt have enough oil
Sometimes the car starts right away and sometimes it takes several attempts and sometimes it won't start at all for few days but will start after 2-3 days. I got the battery tested at autozone 4 different times. Only...
Checked wires flashers work signals don't help.
When I try to.put it in reverse it makes a bad grinding (rattling) sound and won't go into gear but it drives great in all other gears
I blew out the lines to make sure there was no blockage, I checked the plug to the pump for continuity when someone pulls the switch. What am I missing?
My Toyota has 210000 miles on it. I've never had a problem but lately I've been hearing a rattling/knocking sound coming from the belt side of the engine. Oil is good, any idea on what it could be?
After i popped it back in, It seems slower and it seems the gears roll without grasping at first, then it grabs on to gear. did the mechanic forget something? Problem occurs all the time now.
I had this code months ago so after I erase the message it stays away for a while. Already replaced gas cap. Could this be a sticky canister purge valve?
But the fan turns off when i turn car back on..."2000 Toyota corolla"
they say it is the drive shaft that is wobbly, what kind of money and problems am I looking at to repair it. It is a 2000 Toyota corolla with 170,000 miles
fan 1 switch replaced engine switch replaced ect replaced new fans which work when power is used directly has been checked at activating temperature