are 99 toyotas supose to slide down hills and are they supose to make a rattling noise when u hit bumbs

It is a constant low noise coming from the ignition'.

It hasn't started since. I replaced the battery and the spark plugs but no luck. What else should I be checking? The brand new battery dies pretty fast when I try starting the car now though, should I check the alternator?

have replaced 3 pumps in 13 months-replaced the relay-tank is clean-filter is new-electric pump inside the fuel tank-works fine after replacing for a few months until won't start one day

the 1999 toyota corolla has 3 wires on the front turning signal bulbs.
i want to put my LEDs in but i need to know which of the 3 wires from the turning signal bulb is the ground and which is the turning (red)?

when taking off flutters/dies in the ass if you put your foot down straight away but if you slowly put your foot onto the accelerator it will drive bad but once you get to 3,4 gear it drives normal? had it put onto a g scan and told to change crank angle sensor and cam sensor ???? been stuck for months and help would be appreciated

I pulled speedometer cluster out of a junked 1 zz I just don't know I have the basic corolla ve speedo & it's a 5 spd the corrolla I took it off looked like it a 98 & it was a automatic would have many headaches & wouldn't my miles displayed change ?

The car was in a wreck, front end was repaired. All fuses are good.

My car seems to go back and forth on speed without me changing it. It will be ok after it returns to the normal speed until I stop and then start driving again. It happens more often when going up on a small hill or grade and on roads driving around town.

My sparkplugs were misfiring and it was causing my car to stutter and stall out. When I went to change out the spark plugs I noticed oil in them; mainly #4 spark plug, so I bought new ones. I cleaned it out real good and let the oil burn off with the old ones before installing the new ones. This fixed it for a week or so. How can I tell if its the valve gasket or the o rings that are causing the leak?