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if i shut down the engine and start it again the cycle will be repeated.
fan settings for A/C & Heater fan won't blow on fan speeds 1 & 2 but on speeds 3 & 4 it blows just fine what's up with this car? Thanks for your time
At 25 MPH NOX was 346. What caused high NOX at low speed? VIR indicates that EGR is NA. What could be the cause of this failure? What is the best solution?
My tail lights work The centre light comes on when brakes are pushed Right and left brake lights do not. I've checked the fuse and the bulbs and all seem in good shape. What could I be missing?
recently purchase 98 corolla and ran fine for a week. This morning it wouldn't start. Attempted to jump to no avail. No clicking no pwr to anything. Battery is less than 1yro and registers 13.1 vdc. suggestions?
Diagnostics showed nothing wrong. Changed the Distributor Cap,the Rotar and the Bogey cords but the car still cuts out between 5000rpm and 6000rpm. Car should ref up to 8000rpm. Please help