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will you bend the valves on a 1997 Toyota corolla 2.2 engine if the timing belt goes, it has 99,000 miles with no timimg belt replacement

Even after the engine warms up, there is excessive vibration when it is cold out, is this caused by a sensor resistance that is sensitive to ambient temperature?

My car won't start. I turn the key but I just hear a click. Battery is good. What do I do?

It won't start if I push either I have to jump start I don't get clicking sound either like like I don't get any juice out of battery unless I jump start.

Replaced 89 auto trans with 97 auto trans, doesn't shift through gears normally and no 3rd? Without pushing gas peddle to the floor? 1st and 2nd only, trans oil good, shifter cable good? 89 toy corolla?

car would be running fine, shut it off for 10 mins then would crank but would'nt start let it sit try a couple of times until it would start
was running perfect turned off suddenly. replaced new distributor still has no spark will not start

Hesitation worsens when ac and lights are turned on, also notice at idle when brakes are depress or steering wheel is turned to either direction that the idle increases by few hundred rpm. What would cause all these issues and and ECU does not detect?

Hesitates as well at idle when headlights are on. And when you pump the brakes idle increases as you pump down the brakes?

My car cranks over but won't start. It has spark and fuel. I just changed the fuel pump. I sprayed starting fluid in the carb but still would not start. The timing belt is good. What could it be? It is a 97 Toyota corolla 1.8L