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My 96 Corolla is not shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Runs fine in 1st, reverse, and neutral. Anyone have any suggestions of what it could be? Thank you.
what will happen when pin comes out
I change my brake light switch I have a headlight out I fix it and still my brake lights wont work when my head lights are on on my head lights are off my brake lights work fine
have replaced the distributor, igniter,& crankshaft position sensor. The coil will fire once when you release the key after turning the engine over.
I flip my head over and all caps that the cams push valve down came does it matter where they go
And when I drive the thin white smoke still persist when I accelarate
About a week before the idle was running rough. It lost compression going 50mph within a minute it shut down a friend said it is a valve that needs replacedsmoke was coming out from the underneath of the head. So what...
I have failed the California emissions test , then did a complete tune up , took it back for retest , and car reads catalyst not ready , drove it around for a while still same, 7 months has passed and its still readin...
have a 1996 corolla that is wrecked but the 1.8l motor and auto tranny are good. is it possible to pull the 1.6l motor and auto tranny out and slide the 1.8l motor and auto tranny in and expect to roll or will there ...