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I was driving to work and timing belt broke while on freeway this Morning.
Changed, plugs, wires, tank of New gas w\ sarcoma in oil and gas but still has a miss or hesitates on acceleration
My car seems to have a fuel leak when the car is off and almost empty. What could the problem be?
I'm not sure if the alarm system is factory or after market. I don't have a remote and rely on the toggle switch to turn turn it off. Now all the sudden if I move the switch the horn goes continuously. When I start...
Car does not have spark to spark plugs, no signal to fuel injectors, no signal to fuel pump, computer and ignition were checked and they are ok. what else can it be. Thanks
Brake seems to engage while driving and gets hot to the point of smokingand locks up when you stop.if I shut the car off and let it sit for about 30 min it will release it's self then runs fine for awhile.
The failure may have taken place before the clutch failed as my wife says she thought the cruise control stopped working. I tested the vss for power and it has it but, I don't know how to test the vss.
It's like the engine shuts off for a half second every 10-30 seconds. It runs great sometimes. Doesn't matter hot,cold,rain or shine. It may not do it for miles and at times constantly. I have checked all I can. Anyon...
Standard transmission, when clutch is in and car out of gear car will not turn over. Radio etc all work good battery - is there some swort of an interlock in the car that may be stopping the car from starting without...