Distributor .rode one day back doing the same it turn over

I've only had it for about a year and put about 10,000 miles on it... Earlier in the year I replaced the spark plugs, wires, and the distributer. It's ran almost perfect until about a month ago... It started running rough at idle and I guess what feels like it's bogging down and wants to die but never does. When driving it seems to run smooth and as far as I can see, I don't think I'm losing any gas mileage but I'm not completely sure.

Always a problem during or after a heavy rain.

While driving, the car doors unlocked themselves without the unlock button being pressed. I pressed the button to lock the doors back and less than a minute later, the doors unlocked themselves again. This has happened twice before and both times I was in the car alone. Super weird.

When I try to start it gives a sound like power is cut suddenly, then a sound in the car that sounds like a buzzing sound. The car lights turn on, the indicator does not work properly, is this a battery problem?

It gives out but not fully it won't go above 25 and it also gives out before 10 and I can hear it ad feel it when driving

1.3 litre 94 toyota corolla. The grumpy machanic did not do it. My hooter is also not working

It made a spark. What kind of damage could it have caused please. I asked this question about an hour ago but forgot to include that the wire lead was off because I was changing the positive terminal. Help please. Now I can hear the starter whine a little when I start the car.

I am a novice. I was changing the positive battery terminal and lost focus because the new one was hard to get on and touched the two terminals together with a metal tool which made a spark. I now can hear the starter whine a little when I start the car. Could this have happened and what else may have been damaged? Thanks, I always disconnect in the future since I never know when I might lose focus.