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It is fine going down the road. After it has run awhile when I slow down to turn or take an exit or stop it dies. It always restarts. When I come to a stop and put it in park, however, it idles. help
Can I run a wire directly to the positive side of the fuel pump and the other End to the possitive side of battery? also where is the relay on that for the Fuel pump?
I have just had the axle replaced. I don't see CV joint problems on your list. My car has 147,000 miles on it. What is involved in fixing the worn diff. bearing and what is approx. cost?
i replace twice all ready and still noise at first a was ok but later noise very loud !! i dont know what to do please help
replaced front brakes, brakes then would lock up so replaced the master cylinder and now i have no brakes at all.. why would this happen?
How much for head gasket and timing chain replacement?
how much will it cost to replace my head gasket.
head gasket replacement
Its an annoying creaking noise that happen whenever the car rocks back and forth of side to side. After many checks I realized the noise is coming from the gas tank.